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Ashley & Kilian [destination wedding photography]

It had all the elements of a traditional wedding in El Vendrell, a Catalonian town south of Barcelona. The colors, the flora, the austere civil ceremony hall, the town baker’s cake and the neighborhood florist’s bouquet. And then it had what El Vendrell had never seen: a wedding at the Museu Deu and a Baha’i marriage ceremony, both a first for the town. El Vendrell had also probably never seen a bride and groom stroll through the city center market to the florist to get their flowers and then stop at the jeweler around the corner to pick up and exchange their rings on the way to their civil ceremony.
Like a perfectly set mosaic, Ashley and Kilian’s wedding combined the traditional and the unique into wedding art. Music performed by friends and family, prayers and scriptures of love and counsel, and the Sardana (Catalonian folk dance) followed by some ’70s feel-good music and grandfather’s poetry. Every bit an expression of who they are and the love that their families create. Felicitats, Ashley i Kilian!


Mojan - Negeen, oh my gosh. These are all brilliant. No collection of wedding photos have ever given me goosebumps like these have.

Absolute favorites: With coffee cups in window; serious in front of flags; sweeping dress and blue wall; painted musicians playing for bride.


N - Every time I look at your wedding photos I want to get married all over again so that you can picture our special moment!

negeen - @Mojan, the gorgeous wedding invitations that you designed set the visual concept of the wedding and I just carried it through with the images. Thank *you* for the inspiration. That’s two for two. (:

Michelle Gentry - Ashley,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beautiful wedding! The pictures made me tear up – SO FABULOUS! And what a perfect venue! Your vail is positively gorgeous! Good luck to the both of you…Cheers!

Sahar - Negeen, these pictures are absolutely flawless! Amazing job, as always!

shadi Safajou - Did I say how amazingly talented you are! ? You are amazing! How lucky are they to have you capture their special day…God bless you my dearest!

Katharine - What color. This is a really gorgeous shoot. And Mojan did the invitations…they look really, really good…