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Delaram & Erik | destination wedding photography

At a charming resort nestled between the lush mountains near Vancouver, Delaram and Erik gathered their loved ones to join them in celebrating the beginning of their new life together. The beautiful bride and benevolent groom hailing from Ecuador and Colombia combined the warmth of their cultures, the sweet humor and talents of their families and friends, and the uplifting spiritual ideals of their faith to create an unforgettable wedding day filled with joy and laughter. It was no wonder that Vancouver had three unusually sunny November days during Del and Erik’s wedding weekend. This lovely couple seems to exude light and love wherever they go. Felicitaciones kaaazins!



Delaram - What a privilege it was to have you capture such a unique day in our lives!!! Thank you for making our day so fun, smooth, joyful and unforgettable! And now to see the amazing captures of so many wonderful moments, we are deeply thankful and feel so very lucky. You are amazing! :)

Elisabeth - Los of blessings. Congratulaciones. A warm hug from Colombiano.

Aleah and Vafa [Michigan wedding photography]

They met at her best friend and his brother’s wedding near Dallas last year. A fateful missed flight resulted in their spending an entire day together and 363 days later, Aleah and Vafa had their wedding at the charming Waldenwoods resort in Michigan. They were surrounded by friends and family who had traveled from across the US and abroad to celebrate their union. Seeing the beautiful bond between Vafa and Aleah that exudes a palpable joy, you can’t help but wonder how many silver linings can come out of life’s little misfortunes. I’ll try to remember that the next time I miss a flight. Congratulations dear Aleah and Vafa! Wishing you a lifetime of unexpected blessings.


New York, we love you! - […] P.S. – I wore this dress on our wedding day! […]

This is Faith - […] P.S. The prayer she sang at our wedding. […]

Ashley & Kilian [destination wedding photography]

It had all the elements of a traditional wedding in El Vendrell, a Catalonian town south of Barcelona. The colors, the flora, the austere civil ceremony hall, the town baker’s cake and the neighborhood florist’s bouquet. And then it had what El Vendrell had never seen: a wedding at the Museu Deu and a Baha’i marriage ceremony, both a first for the town. El Vendrell had also probably never seen a bride and groom stroll through the city center market to the florist to get their flowers and then stop at the jeweler around the corner to pick up and exchange their rings on the way to their civil ceremony.
Like a perfectly set mosaic, Ashley and Kilian’s wedding combined the traditional and the unique into wedding art. Music performed by friends and family, prayers and scriptures of love and counsel, and the Sardana (Catalonian folk dance) followed by some ’70s feel-good music and grandfather’s poetry. Every bit an expression of who they are and the love that their families create. Felicitats, Ashley i Kilian!


Mojan - Negeen, oh my gosh. These are all brilliant. No collection of wedding photos have ever given me goosebumps like these have.

Absolute favorites: With coffee cups in window; serious in front of flags; sweeping dress and blue wall; painted musicians playing for bride.


N - Every time I look at your wedding photos I want to get married all over again so that you can picture our special moment!

negeen - @Mojan, the gorgeous wedding invitations that you designed set the visual concept of the wedding and I just carried it through with the images. Thank *you* for the inspiration. That’s two for two. (:

Michelle Gentry - Ashley,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beautiful wedding! The pictures made me tear up – SO FABULOUS! And what a perfect venue! Your vail is positively gorgeous! Good luck to the both of you…Cheers!

Sahar - Negeen, these pictures are absolutely flawless! Amazing job, as always!

shadi Safajou - Did I say how amazingly talented you are! ? You are amazing! How lucky are they to have you capture their special day…God bless you my dearest!

Katharine - What color. This is a really gorgeous shoot. And Mojan did the invitations…they look really, really good…

sholeh & jared [destination wedding photography]

The girl from down undah with bright blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room and the most romantic and smitten groom I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing brought their families and friends together at the historic Green Acre Baha’i retreat center in Eliot, Maine, named by John Greenleaf Whittier and described by its founder as “a place where beside still waters, one may realize the peace that passeth all understanding.” Sholeh and Jared mingled that peace with their love for their family and their family-like friends, their deep adoration for their faith, their comfortable elegance, tousled-haired charm, and easy-going cheer (in true Aussie form) and created an intimate and joyful wedding day, while somehow enhancing the beauty of that treasured place. Now if only I could have bottled those still waters and serenity and brought them back home with me, I’d be set for a good while. Congratulations dear Jared and Sholz! We *loved* your Green Acre wedding.


farah salamipoorian - Negeen joon I love your pictures good jab
love Farah

Aimee Piper - I love these photos! And I love these people!

Ali Akbar - The photo with the wedding dress hung on a tree branch blew my mind Negeen! Watching these photos made me feel as if I were there too, they made me live those moments. You are brilliance personified.

Shomayseh & Arta [Destination Wedding Photography]

From the gracious welcoming of their guests as they arrived at the venue to the laughter and chit-chat they shared with friends before the ceremony, Shomayseh and Arta brought the intimacy and warmth of a living room wedding to a charming Ontario country club overlooking scenic gardens and sprawling green fields. Love when simple and heartfelt turns extraordinary.


Mauricio - lovely setting and photographs!! great job Sobhanis!! 😉

Manish - Wedding Photographer Vancouver - Very artistic. Great capture.